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We want to write a special thank you for all the people who helped us on our journey so far, we are making so many new friends on the road. So many people out there who helping us, with all kind of things. All of you have a special place in our dream we will never forget you. We want to share this with all our followers as well, we write a little story about some of them and show you some photo’s. We are not always speaking the same language, but the heart speaks this is the most important thing. Without you we can’t do this.

Unfortunately we couldn’t meet everyone who invited us to their place or for a meal, sometimes we didn’t pass the place or we left already or had a place to stay. We really like all the invitations we get, it’s always nice to meet local people and talk with them about life, meet people around the world who choose to live an other place and listen their story.  Also, thank you so much the companies which help us to keep continue our journey.

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Gökhan Ersoy (World) ;  He is owner of Ersoy Moto. He opened his door to teach us mechanic.  We worked together a week in his technical service to learn how we can fix our motorcycle on the road. What he teach us we used on the road when the motorcycle break down. He is from Istanbul, Turkey but we don’t write any special countries to help because he is still helping us 7-24 hours on the road. If anything happened to our motorcycle and we don’t know how to fix it we can write or talk with him first. It doesn’t matter where we are and what time it is. He is always online for us. You should tell us how we can say thank you for all.

Gisle & Tore (Norway); We are so happy to meet you. We didn’t stay with us because we didn’t get cold in the tent but we know how we can enter and where is the room 🙂 It was so nice and fun to be together. I need to tell that barbecue was so nice as well. 🙂

Mutlu (Norway); Tired, wet, dirty we where so happy you invited us to your apartment. We came for 1 or 2 days but stayed 4 days instead. Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendship. I hope we can ride motorcycle together one day.

Marta & Gregory (Poland);  We went to a technical service to help us for my motorcycle. When Gregory said he can’t finish it today and asked us where we would stay, we told them we will find a place to open the tent. At the same time, he called his wife and told her they had guests tonight. She prepared a bed straight away and picked us up. The plan was to stay one day but we spent 2 nights there. You are a lovely couple and amazing people.  Sorry to we couldn’t stay more. We are sure to see each other again somewhere in the world. Looking forward to eat that nice breakfast again. 🙂

Dave  (Spain);  You invited us in Barcelona to stay and than run a way after two days. I suppose that you couldn’t kick out us. 🙂 I wish we could spent more time together. You said how long we wanted to stay we can. We did 6-7 days. 🙂  Thank you so much for everything.

Christoph (Barcelona-Tangier Ferry); We booked our ticket with a seat. We knew that the ferry is around 27-28 hours. But it was to expensive for us to book a cabin. We figure out very fast it wasn’t good idea. 🙁 When we were waiting to get on the ferry we met Christoph who is from Germany. We was going to Morocco by motorcycle for 3 weeks. After all day talk we said goodbye each other in the night. He was staying in a cabin. A couple of hours later he came to look for us and invited us to his cabin. The cabin had 3 beds and he was alone. Still, I don’t know how I can say thank you. It was also so nice to travel with you in Morocco. Hope we can ride motorcycle and talk a lot again some day.

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Sen & Yel & Sana (Guinea Bissau); We wanted to visit Bolama. When we were going there we have no idea where we can stay and what we can do. These amazing Bissau people invited us in their village and home. It is so hard to write only a few words about them and helpful. It was amazing experience for us.  We wrote a article about our journey in Guinea Bissau. You can just click.

Huib (Nigeria); He invited us in the begin of our journey. We knew that nice couple were waiting for us. But we couldn’t see each other after talk about it for a year. Because of their holiday schedule and our constantly changing plans. Huib was really so kind.

Toyin (Nigeria); We were looking for rear tires. We couldn’t find anywhere. One of our friends gave a name which is Toyin who is Nigerian. We wrote him to help. He looked everywhere and finally he found two. He bargained for us as well after 4-5 days later we met him. He gave us tires and just said that ” They are my gift for you. It was pleasure to meet you. Please safe trip.” We couldn’t find any word to say thank you. We changed our tires in Gabon and we passed Congo and DRC safely. I hope we will see you some where again and talk a lot, bless you.

David & Caren (Nigeria); We stayed in Lagos 2 weeks in Huibs apartment. They were our neighbor. 🙂 we spent a lot of time with them in their house and ate lovely home made food. David also help us on the road as well for some contacts.  We are looking forward to see you in Burundi.

Phillip (Nigeria); We had a problem with a fork seal and couldn’t find it in Nigeria. This was the reason we stayed two weeks in Lagos. Toyin was writing his friends about it in a motorcycle group. At the same time, Phillip was in South Africa for business. We gave the details from our fork seal to him and he hired a taxi to look around for it. Yes, he found it! Unfortunately we never met Phillip as he was only in lagos for 1 night and left early morning again. He gave fork seals (We needed one but he bought four) to security. This was a major help for us, he told us he had been traveling a lot by motorcycle as well and got a lot of help on the road. This was his time to pay back, thank you so much. Hope we can give you that drink and a lot of stories one day somewhere.

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Jorge & Arthur (Cabinda); Finally we got our Angolan visa which is multiple entree and 30 days. So, we changed our road and entered Cabinda. Jorge and Arthur invited us. We stayed 3 days and had a lot of fun with them. Their friendship is amazing. When we were leaving they were asking to stay more. Means, they like us right? 🙂 I wish we could stay more but Angola was waiting for us. Thank you so much. See you somewhere again please…

Gisela & Antonio (Angola); Amazing couple, lovely kids. Gisela and I stayed in London for a short period and couldn’t see each other again 9 years. So, we stayed two week with them. I don’t know which day was more beautiful than others. They also help us a lot in our Angolan journey to find a place to stay, where we can go…. etc. Still, I am thinking who is the great chef Gisela or Antonio.

Tiago (Angola); One year later, we were in a big technical service to work on our motorcycles. What we needed the service was more. So, we could check up our motorcycles and work on it a lot. Of course, we like to spent a lot of time with you. We suppose that we don’t need to write about it. 🙂

Niyazi ( Namibia); When we were going to Walvis Bay we didn’t know where we can stay. It was winter time and coast line was more colder. That moment, Niyazi invited us. Our plan was to stay for 3 days. Instead we stayed almost a week. If you talk everyday until 3-4 am how we can wake up early and hit the road. 🙂 We are so happy to meet you. We are not sure we will go back Namibia again but we hope that we can meet again. Thank you so much.

Semih (Namibia); When we share our Africa journey plan on FB Semih wrote me to welcome. 8 months later we were there. What I missed from Turkey he made for us. Their are so nice family. We talk a lot about life, journey and dreams. I hope all of them can be real one day. We are sure that we will see you somewhere again. You know why 🙂

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Barbaros (South Africa) : We met him in Cape Town. He is so friendly. He took us lovely dinner and share all his experience with us. If we need something he was always next to us. Hope we can see you some where again and can talk all night.

Serkan (South Africa) : We couldn’t spent time that much. He is the person took care a motorcycles 3 week when we went to Holland. We put our motorcycles on his fabric.

Derek (South Africa) : He invited us his house. When we were riding on the garden route we went to visit him. Amazing two days… Hopefully his dream will come true and we will ride together some where in the world.

Burcu and Simon (South Africa) : When I learn her art I wanted to meet her. They were on our road. They didn’t allow us to go any hotel-camping.  We stayed with them 2 days and Simon’ s delicious food. They are lovely couple. I think that I and Burcu told 18 hours non stop. After that we didn’t fell a sleep we fainted. 😉

Nimet and Jonathan : (South Africa) If we stay with them longer Definitely, I was going to have a tattoo. She is amazing for it. Jonathan from South Africa and he worked in the kitchen before. So you can imagine how delicious and  traditional South African food we ate. They are really great. I hope that we could see them again.

Esra and Ismail : I met her when I applied my new passport in South Africa. She already know about me from other travelers and  i know her name same way. They invite us to stay with them. We spent a lot of time with them. Every night we were planning to leave next day but Esra always had another plan to next day so we need to stay. 😉 We must see them again somewhere because spent time with them was so enjoyable.

Istanbul Kebap (South Africa) : We were going Madagascar and my father was coming to visit us in South Africa. Therefore, we were looking a place to put our motorcycles safely. They opened their house garage to that which was really so much secure. We really like to spent time with them who are so friendly and helpful. Every time when we were there what we ate we couldn’t pay for it. Also, our last day we went to visit them to say bye they gave a lot of food for the road. It passed 15 days and still we are eating. Thank you so much guys for everything.